Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best service to pet owners within the Brant area by providing affordable rates, being available all year round and catering to each animals needs. We strongly believe that each and every animal has the right to be loved and taken care of, for this reason we will do everything we can to help as many owners as possible.  

In order to achieve this:

> Our promise is to ensure reliability, respect and transparency with each visit and client. We promise to treat each animal with love, respect and care. 

>To ensure safety, we have a colour-coding system for any keys we hold onto during your absence. I provide special coloured key tags for your house key, I do NOT write your name nor your address on the tag incase the key gets misplaced. I keep track of who's key is whose based on the colour coding system of the tag. Upon the end of my services, you may choose to wait until you've returned for me to personally return your house key. For those who have a safe location (ie. locked mail box, security guard) or person that you'd like me to return your key to, I can happily do this. I always take a photo with a time stamp on when/where I've returned the keys if you choose the latter option that I send to you so you know the key was returned. 

>We take the well being of each animal seriously and if an animal is being abused/living in abusive conditions and needs help, we will without any hesitation report it to to the Ontario Animal Protection call centre and to the local authorities as required. Please see below to see the legal policies that we strongly uphold and for further information.

Bubina's Pet Sitting
Every single photo on this site is 100% real of client's babies or my fur kids :)
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