What You Can Expect

  1. If a new client, we will have an introductory meeting where we can discuss your expectations and for me to meet your small animal
  2. I will send you a message the day before or the same day to confirm the start date of me looking after your little one
  3. When in the house, I will ensure the mail will be brought inside, water the plants and inform you of any urgent updates or concerns about the house
  4. I will give breakfast/dinner to your small animal as well as a fresh supply of water every day
  5. I will always include playtime and cuddles with your little one
  6. Depending on your requirements for rabbits/guinea pigs, I will check their litter box and scoop out poop and/or clumps and refresh the litter when needed
  7. I will take photos to update you of your small animal while you are away


I do not have a maximum time per visit as it depends on you/your small animal needs (ie. their personality, medicine, multiple small animals). I will stay minimum 20 mins per visit and stay as long as the small animal wants cuddles and attention :)

>For one visit: $20

>For two visits in a day: $30

**There are no additional charges for multiple small animals in a household

***There are NO additional charges for weekends or weeknights. Please note that bookings for appointments between December 20 - January 1st will be subject to an additional fee of 20% of visit cost. Any other holiday bookings are NOT subject to extra fees; our competitive fees apply for the remaining 355 days of the year.

Please check out our photos of our happy small clients :)