(**Only offered to those who live in Brantford, ON)

What You Can Expect From Each Visit

  1. If a new client, we will have an introductory virtual meeting where we can discuss your expectations and for me to meet your dog that is free of charge
  2. I will give breakfast and/or dinner and a fresh supply of water to your dog and clean their eating area afterwards as well as their bowl(s)
  3. I will make sure to clean your dogs paws before entering the house if it rains or snows. 
  4. I will take & send photos of your loved one, including highlights of the day, while you are away

**All dogs are taken on private walks not with other dogs

    Some Things to Keep in Mind...

    1. I refuse to walk any dog that is forced to wear a chain/shock/prong collar. The side effects of these collars do not align with my values of how dogs should be treated, for further information please read:


    > One house visit (includes one dog walk): $20

    > Two house visits (includes two dog walks): $40

    > Singular Potty Break in one day: $10

    > Puppies: Price is negotiated together. As each puppy and owner has their own unique needs please e-mail me and we can discuss in person what your puppy needs are, your expectations and the price together.

    We do not allow dog boarding at this time in our home.

    *Please note: Extra charges might apply based on driving distance. Each visit/price includes travel time to your home.

    Some photos of our very friendly and happy fur clients...