What You Can Expect

  1. If a new client, we will have a (free) virtual meeting where we can discuss your expectations, where items are stored and to meet your cat(s)!
  2. I will give breakfast and/or dinner and a fresh supply of water to your cat and clean their eating area afterwards as well as their bowl(s)
  3. If your cat is allowed outdoors, I will ensure that they have ample time in the garden and are supervised. When they return inside the house, I will clean their paws incase of rain, dirt or snow.
  4. I will ensure to check the litter box everyday and remove any clumps and empty it. I will ensure that the area around the litter box is clean.
  5. I will take and send photos to you with updates of your cat while you are away
  6. Every visit always includes a lot of cuddle time and personal one-on-one play session with your fur baby

**If needed I can bring in any mail, Amazon packages and water any plants you have


(Bookings from Dec 1st-Jan 5th= holiday pricing in blue text)

> For a one time visit in the day: $20 // $25

> For two visits in a day: $35* //$40

> Overnight stays: $60/day //$75 per day

>Transportation charges: Start at $20.00 depending on distance

> Cost to trim your kitties nails: $15.00 per baby

Please note: Extra charges might apply based on driving distance.

Proud photos of our happy and satisfied feline friends...