ALL CATS BOARDING WITH US MUST HAVE VALID RABIES & FCRVP VACCINE RECORDS.                                                   Proof is required when submitting your booking request.

What To Expect

If you would like your baby to stay with us while you are away, they will have:
  • A clean non-smoking bright and loving home to be in
  • We can provide your cat with their own room to themselves to adjust. 
  • Cats are allowed to be on any furniture and any room in our home
  • Plenty of windows for your cat to stare out of
  • 24/7 supervision, love and cuddles
  • Their own heating system/air conditioning depending on the weather. 


    >Boarding price for 1 adult or senior cat: $20/day

    >Boarding price for 1 kitten: $20/day

    You must provide your cat's dry/wet food, any special toys or blankets they are bonded to and litter their stay- I have a spare clean litter box that they may use.

    >Cost to trim your fur babies nails: $15.00 per baby

    There is no additional cost for any cat that requires medication of any kind. We are familiar and comfortable with giving insulin injections, pills and any liquid medication required for your cat. I work from home, so your fur babies will have company and care around the clock.

    Photos of Our Happy Feline Friends